Knit Racerback Tee

I so love this project! As a neophyte knitter I often find myself wanting to take on more ambitious projects for the sake of furthering my skills. But I also have to be careful that they not be way beyond my current abilities that I give up in frustration.

Despite my expectations however, this pattern was quite easy to follow and execute. I give props to the writer who wrote clear & straightforward instructions – believe me, this matters a lot! And to have been able to make something like this, something I’m actually going to wear, feels uh-mazing!


This tee was a great beginner exercise in shaping (I am still raving about how well the arm & neck shaping came out), as well as picking up stitches for finishing.

Shaping and finishing are skills that daunt me, and I want to understand them so they no longer scare me away from creating my masterpieces.


  1. I love this knit! I feel like I have seen it before with that beautiful necklace. Anyway, it looks so comfy and cool.

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    1. Cebuana Yarn Diva says:

      Of course you have, Ginny πŸ™‚ This is your (blog) friend from OfSnailmailBooks&Vanities. This is a new blog I opened to focus more on my crafts. Thanks a lot for dropping by! ❀


  2. Oh Yes! I think it’s great you made a place to write about your crafting. So glad I found you, again πŸ™‚

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    1. Cebuana Yarn Diva says:

      The pleasure’s mine, Ginny πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot for the follow ❀

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