Stitching Is (Indeed) Life ðŸŒž

Crochet first saved me from death-by-boredom at the age of 13. Many years later it would make sporadic re-entries into my life when I was feeling particularly stressed and uninspired at work. On these 2 instances I was yet only exploring doilies & Barbie doll clothes.

Then in 2015 I made a major life change. I uprooted myself and my then 7 year old daughter from everything that represented home & identity. It didn’t take long before I spiraled into depression. Guess what showed up as my knight in shining armor? You guessed it ~ crochet ❤️

One fateful day while staring in astonishment at the ridiculously expensive receipt I held in my hand – the result of a manic, ennui-induced, yarn spree in a large Singapore crafts store – I made the decision to intentionally explore the world of crochet (and knitting)  from then on.

I laugh when I remember that moment because up until I stepped into that yarn store I hadn’t even realized there were way more options beyond just mercerized crochet cotton and a 1.60mm hook! And what of knitting? I didn’t even know where to start! 🤭 (Oh and yes, I also realized then that Singapore might not be the best place to have an episode of manic shopping, if you know what I mean 😉).

In mid 2018, having personally assessed that I was no longer a naive, bungling rookie to both crafts, I decided to open this site to catalogue my (better) adventures in yarn & stitch.

I’m a bi-racial, stay-at-home mom originally from Cebu but currently living in idyllic Batam, Indonesia. Formerly a corporate glamazon, now my challenge is to create a new community of local friends (it’s tough being away from home), master the language & explore entrepreneurial avenues related to my crafts. (That last one is really just to “put a shark in my tank”).

Fifi & Riri are my 2 beautiful daughters, born 10 years apart (I know, right?), who delight, annoy, amaze, pester and make my heart swell in pride & joy every single day.


Sunny regards,

~ Bonsai 💋