Yarn Shopping In Batam

venus button

I’m almost reluctant to use the term “yarn shopping” to refer to buying benang rajut (crochet/knitting thread or yarn) here in Batam. All I can say is, it’s a far cry from what I’m used to.

The store Venus Button is, according to Ibu Ika (the cleaner) and her daughter Mufa, the biggest/most comprehensive needle craft store in Batam. So after establishing its location in Google Maps, I asked my husband to drive me there for a check.

Although I was expecting something bigger based on the description, I wasn’t really surprised to see it’s a small store. This is what you see when you take a step inside the door:

venus button 01

And when you swivel your torso this is what’s to your left:

venus button 02

It is stocked to the rafters up until the back end of the store so I guess this small space can contain all the needle-crafting needs of Batam Island. I’m only here for the crochet thread though and, lucky me it was right under my nose (just a single step inside the door 😁).

venus button 03
Wait! Is that an English newspaper page I see on the counter? 😮

They only had 2 types of thread available, I think the other one was polyester and felt & looked like string with a bit of mushiness in it. The saleslady said that was used for making bags & shoes. I went for the cottons and was delighted to find some in pretty colors 😍 According to the sales attendant the cottons were used for making pieces of clothing. I had my doubts at first glance but I waited until I got home for closer scrutiny to make a decision.

I think that these threads would be great for motifs, appliques, doilies, bags & other items where strength & some stiffness are required. These threads are rough to the touch and I can’t imagine wearing something made out of it.

benang rajut

These are the colors I settled on for now. I’ll be back for more as the need arises, I’m definitely game for some bag making in 2019. And I guess I still need my online stores for a wider variety of yarn.  Glad I made this local discovery though 😊

Stitch awesome! ❤️💛

Out In The Open

I have a new “thing” that I’m trying to be consistent with – Sunday afternoon walks. As a crafter who often strains her eyes focusing on tiny stitches, and a blurry-eyed mom who still wakes up twice at nights to feed a 10 month old, being able to look much farther than the nearest wall is an invigorating experience.

Going for walks, enjoying the tranquil green surroundings, is like a healthy, visual salad bowl of nature’s colors for my eyes. Here are a few pictures from my walk yesterday, just to sorta bring you along with me:

my eyes appreciate looking much farther than the nearest wall
these hedges look so lush
inner ring
this is the “inner ring” with its charming trees
golf course
and all around is a beautiful blanket of green courtesy of a huge golf course surrounding the area